I’m an avid reader and fangirl at heart. These are some of my favorite fan fiction stories and most useful sites. Enjoy!

  • Ambient Mixer, which lets you listen to the background sounds of various real or fictional settings
  • Archive of Our Own, one of my favorite sources of fan fiction
  •, another excellent source of new material
  • FicSave, a free online tool that lets you convert fan fiction stories into various formats for your Kindle and other devices


Star Trek

Merchandise Sites

  • CafePress (wide variety & easy to post your own, but limited to certain fandoms that have agreements with the site)
  • Etsy (not necessarily licensed, but often very creative)
  • Society6 (highest-quality artwork I’ve found on any of these sites)
  • Zazzle (also a wide variety)

Sources of New Books

  • Kindle Buffet has a daily listing of free or discounted Kindle books
  • Overdrive lets you check out digital books and audiobooks through your local public library
  • Project Gutenberg has free digital versions of classic books whose copyright has lapsed